Mistress Bella

New toys for Franklin, I can tie him to the bed or turn them into a quick chastity device by locking them together. Such a versatile toy.

To (hopefully) do list - Male sub

Bucket List - a few ideas and fantasies we’d like to turn into reality this year. We’ll add to it as we come up with new ideas.

1              Locked in CB2000 with spikes, bondage mitts locked on so he can’t remove them or tamper with the dog shock collar attached to his balls.  Mistress has absolute control over him, and zaps him if he doesn’t follow orders quickly and properly.  When he starts to complain, Mistress adds more bondage, e.g. gag and hood.

2              He is Mistress’s servant/butler for a weekend somewhere when she goes out with one of her girlfriends.  He gives you a pamper massage, pouring wine, etc.  Nothing outwardly sexual at all in this one, but Mistress has him caged so just they both know.  It’s like the Mistress showing him off, that she’s proud of him.

3              Being a Pony for Mistress

4              Going on a slavehunt.  Mistress tries to capture him and he has to hide to escape.  He’s almost naked, just wearing trainers and eye goggles to protect him from Mistress’s paintball gun.  There is a pre-agreed big incentive each of them to win, something that will push the losers limits and the winner will REALLY enjoy!

5              He is strapped down to the bed, completely wrapped, and with just a dildo gag and strap on pointing upwards.  Mistress is offering to let her female friend use him, keeping him like that so he would never know who it was!

6              Long term bondage - I.e. all weekend.  Chained up and locked in cage when not required.  Regularly used to provide oral service to Mistress, gagged when not in use.  Teased and kept permanently horny.  Left alone with the e-stim going.  Deep heat rubbed into his cock.  Tied bent over standing up with his wrists behind him tied to the ceiling, spreader-bar holding his legs apart, weights attached to parachute so his balls are stretched.  Mistress starts lubing up his arse for the strap on.

7              Being a puppy for Mistress

8              Locked to Mistress’s chair while she have dinner with other Dommes.  Used for occasional whipping and pussy worship.

9              Long term tease and denial.  1 month in chastity with regular teasing and torturing.  Lots of different sorts of CBT including being made to fuck Mistress with the strap on whilst caged, and fuck Mistress with cock in a condom full of numbing cream!

10            Work a barber shop for all the Dommes. He’s in just his chastity cage with points on the floor between their open legs shaving their cunts to their desired design and to service them with his tongue to lick off the excess soap. He would work his way down the line, if he didn’t do it to their standards he would get whipped or canned at the end by his Mistress.  If they were all happy with the shaves Mistress would let him inside her until he’s close to cumming but would then put him back in his cage or put him in a humbler.

11            Mistress lends sub out (locked in chastity cage with spikes) to show him she’s proud to own him and show others, plus having the constant reminder that only she can grant access to his cock, and that any arousal results in instant pain!  She has total control over him, right from the start.  She decides she wants him to do something, punishes him until he does it, punishes him if he gets turned on by it (it’s a major mindfuck to be so close to another woman but unable to do anything without Mistress’s permission), and then have the woman report on his performance to Mistress so she can decide if to reward or punish him.  The scene is so much longer and more intense because lending him out is only the warmup for the main event - coming back to Mistress!

12            He is instructed to dom another girl while he is still locked in a chastity belt with spikes.  Mistress lends him out and gives instructions to the girl so she had to report back to Mistress on his performance!  Mistress reinforces her dominance over him afterwards, in this case by not unlocking him, teasing him all weekend, queening him and cumming to the feeling of his screams of agony vibrating against Mistress’s beautiful pussy – Feeling her get so very wet only turns him on and frustrates him further!

13            Listening to Mistress torturing another sub, especially if Mistress has him hooded and chained to something.

14            Being tied on all fours over a table or stool, caged with poi, gagged and plugged with the aeoros milker.  Left there while Mistress reads until he’s completely drained.

15            Being given a sub for an evening as a reward (Mistress keeps him caged of course).

16            Locked in the Calis spikes, being ordered to edge another sub repeatedly, but not letting her cum.

17            Mistress queening him while she’s on the phone.

18            Regular training.  Mistress has a list of activities that she wants him to be better at or do more of.  So things like number of ball stretcher weights worn for 24 hours, days without cumming, minutes of continuous pussy worship, 10 minutes of estim at x% power, number of clothespegs attached to cock and balls, etc.  She keeps track of how he does, rewarding him if he improves, and punishes him if not.

19            Made to wear a butt plug all day, held in with the leather strap on harness, in preparation for servicing Mistress with the strap-on dildo later that evening.

20            Being locked on a cock stockade, with his hands tied behind his back, and Mistress whipping his cock.

21            Caged with poi, Mistress orders him to fuck a female sub with the strap on.  Mistress stands behind him, whipping him if he slows down!

22            Being made to fuck Mistress with his cock covered in numbing cream and/or the extender sheath so he can’t feel anything but frustration!

23            Mistress orders a female sub to try and cum, and orders him to edge her but not to let her.  Mistress tells both of them what their punishments would be beforehand!

24            Being forced to eat his own cum.

25            Being made to lick Mistress’s pussy and arse

26            Being edged repeatedly while tied down.

27            Forced to wear stockings and female panties in public.

28            Hearing Mistress talk dirty when she’s playing.

29            Forced to dress and serve as a corseted French maid.  Kept in chastity, and used for Mistress’s enjoyment.  Teased during the day, and finally tied down to be fucked with her strap on.

30            Going on a nudist holiday and kept caged.

31            Mistress wearing the key on her necklace in public.

32            Seeing the key around someone else’s neck.

33            Mistress ordering him to give her a full body massage while caged with POI’s.  She offers the same service to one of her friends.

34            Mistress takes pictures and posts them to tumblr.

35            Mistress drips hot wax over his cock and balls until they’re covered.

36            Mistress takes him to a Femdom training workshop to use as her practice sub.

37            Watching Mistress play with herself and cumming, especially when she’s got him tied up so he can’t join in.

38            Listening to Mistress talk about what she’s going to do, and then doing it.

39            Mistress wearing a red cape and walking through the woods with her puppies. A mixture of male and female, him being one of them.

40            Being tied naked to a tree while Mistress whips and canes him.

41            Mistress has a stable of subs, owning them for her enjoyment.  Mistress uses him with female slave like this:-  http://fantasti.cc/videos/permalink/xhamster/MY-WAY-WITH-MALE-&-FEMALE-SEX-SLAVES-C-ukmike-video/8203737/

42            He is the butler laying out a picnic for his Lady in the woods.  But the Lady holds the key to his chastity belt and handcuffs his hands behind a tree so she can lay on the picnic rug and play with herself, delighting in the denial of her Butler and loving his moans of agony as his cock swells against the spikes of his cage.

43            Mistress puts him in a Vacbed

44            Mistress double domming him, forcing him to pleasure she while being whipped/abused by the other domme.  Mistress tells her to punish him harder and cums against his face!

45            He’s been locked in a chastity belt with spikes, constantly teased and denied for days.  He turns the tables on her, stripes her and ties her naked to a tree in a forest before whipping her hard with the singletail and caning her, torturing her into giving up the key!

One well used Franklin. He went straight back into his cage after me using him all night.

One well used Franklin. He went straight back into his cage after me using him all night.

To (hopefully) do list - Female sub

Bucket List - a few ideas and fantasies we’d like to turn into reality this year. We’ll add to it as we come up with new ideas.

  1. Having her tied naked to a tree while he whips and canes her
I love giving Franklin orders to edge himself but not to cum while he’s away

I love giving Franklin orders to edge himself but not to cum while he’s away

All tucked up for the weekend

All tucked up for the weekend


Oh I love this view.


Oh I love this view.